Zorionak Open Source! 10 urte

OpenSource Iniciative ideia argitaratu zela 10 urte bete dira (Otsailaren 9an). Bruce Perens, sortzaileak, Debian proiektuaren zuzendaria eta "Kodigo irekiaren" kontzeptua definitu zuenak 10. urteurrenaren inguruan hitzegin du:

Of course, in building our Open Source campaign, we were standing on the shoulders of a giant. Starting in the early 1980's, Richard Stallman blazed the trail with his philosophy of Free Software and the creation of the GNU System, which, most notably when it was combined with the Linux kernel, changed the way software works forever.

In contrast, we have not yet achieved the penetration that we might have desired on user desktop systems, at least if you don't count the fact that Free Software provides a large part of Apple's MacOS today, and critical elements of Microsoft Windows as well. Both companies have been forced to develop strategies to live with us, some of them less comfortable than others. Today we are seeing much of the value of software move from the desktop to the network, an area in which we are already entrenched. This can only lead to the expansion of Open Source on the systems in individual user's hands.

There been a phenomenon of wealth creation by Open Source companies, starting with Red Hat's IPO and leading most recently to the purchase of MySQL for 1.1 Billion dollars seven years after the company's creation. But I would warn those of you who consider Open Source by its companies: you're missing the biggest part of the phenomenon. Most Open Source today is software being produced by its users, for its users. The largest part of the payment for Open Source development today comes from cost-center budgets of IT users, be they companies, institutions, or individuals, rather than profit-centers based on Open Source like that of MySQL. By participating in Open Source development, users distribute the cost and risk of the development of enabling technology and infrastructure for their businesses. Their profit centers are not tied to software sales, but to some other business. To find them, look to the communities rather than the companies.

So, you can see that the future will present its challenges for Open Source. We could never have forecast how big we would become during Decade Zero of Open Source. But we've built tremendous strength, to the point that we can consider much larger tasks. Join us now, as we enter Decade One.

Argi dago, etorkizuna Software Librea da, gaur egun asko aurreratu da eta Microsoft-en monopolioa denon artean hautsi behar dugu.

Textu originala: http://perens.com/works/articles/State8Feb2008/


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